Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Download Window 8 Free.

hi friend........
now its time to upgraed your Operating system to window 8.

So recently Windows engineering Team wrote on there blog that they are finally launching The new windows Developer Preview now again windows engineering team has announced that windows 8 is starting today at the midnight  ! everyone will be able to download this official developers preview from Microsoft.

The download will be live tonight at 3 AM GMT and it will come in two types : 32bit and 64bit versions.

You’ll be able to download the Windows Developer Preview and you will get the Windows Developer Preview guide, tools, samples, forums, docs and other resources to build on Windows.

Microsoft Windows with The new design, language and many cool features are on the way...You wont have to wait much longer to  you can download the ISOs from

Download Window 8

Preview Of Window 8.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Show Your Name On System Clock.

step:1 Go to Control Panel select Region and Language.

you can see the below dialog.

step:2 Click on Additional Setting.

step:3 Now select Time Tab.

Step:4 On Time Tab Yo can see the AM Symbol and PM Symbol.

Step:5 Write Your Name over there.

That's it.
Now You Can See the My Name Near System Clock.

If you want to check its working or not.
open your notepad press F5. you can see the time with your name.